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5th Annual FUTSOC Winter Camp
December 3rd, 2014

FUTSOC Bambino Registration

Camp Details

Participants Boys and girls, ages 4 – 16
Location Tequesta Trace Park, in the City of Weston
Schedule 9:00 am - 4:30 pm (subject to a minimum of 20 participants for each session)
When Session 1 Session 2
  Monday, December 22nd
Tuesday, December 23rd
Friday, December 26th
Monday, December 29th
Tuesday, December 30th
Wednesday, December 31st
Friday, January 2nd
  (3 days) (4 days)
Costs Reservation Fee (Reserve your spot)

Fully Refundable to your debit/credit card, a $25 Reservation fee will be applied towards the total cost of the session if registering before December 19th, 2014, 11:59 pm

(Example: if registering before the cut off date the $25 Reservation Fee will be subtracted from the Total Session Cost - either the $100/$125 for a single session or the $200 for the combined session) Therefore you have the option of paying the $25 to hold the spot, paying the balance at any time up until the first day of camp, or pay the $25 + session cost in full.

  Individual Session Cost
  Session 1 - $100 Session 2 - $125
  Combined Session Cost
  Session 1 + Session 2 - $200
FUTSOC Bambinos Academy Enters Second Year
August 27th, 2014

FUTSOC USA successfully concluded its first anniversary since the introduction of its most recent addition to its renowned top quality training program - the FUTSOC BAMBINOS Academy Program.

The program, which consisted of a grouping of 22 children of ages 5 through 10, enjoyed months of basic development, social interaction, participation at the Weston FC soccer tournament and most importantly, a full season of FUN!!!

The Bambinos Academy which is geared towards the boys and girls ages 5-7 for the Bambinos Juniors and ages 8-10 for the Bambinos Seniors, launches its 2nd exciting season with many more activities, which should make for another fun-filled learning experience!.

Once again, patterned upon the most innovative models of early youth soccer education, FUTSOC has always structured its programs so that the focus is primarily on FUN...teaching fundamentals, games, exercise, awareness and cooperation in groups. Our child participants WILL experience a flexible, fun-filled program, which emphasizes enjoyable, exciting and memorable activities in which the beautiful game of soccer can be learned. At this early stage of child development, FUN is the operative word.

At FUTSOC, we have always stressed an exclusive environment of FUN, pressure-less activities and structures, which invariably lead to containing and even eliminating the dreaded burn-out and quitting! All clubs are definitely not the same! At FUTSOC we have always prided ourselves on REAL player development, building honest bonds with our players and their parents, and stressing the importance of good sportsmanship and….FUN!!

FUTSOC Bambino Registration

Note: The program will be administered twice weekly from September 2014 until May 2015. Each session will consist of a full, one hour period. The cost is only $60.00 monthly, plus a one-time yearly registration fee of $110.00. Each participant will receive a FUTSOC BAMBINOS full kit - two jerseys, one pair shorts, one pair socks. (See Registration page for full details)

Recent Trends in Youth Soccer - .Must Read Below!
August 2nd, 2014

Ultra-competitive early stage environments tend to have a greatly counterproductive effect on the child’s enjoyment in sports, resulting in extremely high attrition rates which are growing at alarming rates all over the U.S. In fact, many articles have been written about this most alarming trend in sports in the U.S., which address the great concern which parents need to understand about their child’s early stages of athletic development.

USYSA - Reducing the Dropout Rate in Youth Soccer
Say Soccer - Coaching and Player Development
Hope - Youth Sports Drop Out Rates
Human Kinetics - A Closer Look at Some Trends in Youth Sports Participation
Primary Reasons Why Kids Drop Out of Community Sports Programs
One The Pitch - Why Some Kids Quit Soccer

Understand that there is no correlation between intense early training and development and future success. Some of the greatest players in the world did not partake of organized soccer, until early adolescence or early teenage years. Of these, most were never pressured by their parents (possibly never even observed playing by them) and yet they attained the heights in their profession. Furthermore, please consider that less than 1% of active youth players, continue beyond high school and even less make it to a professional team or a national side.

Clubs and coaches are guilty of promoting a false environment and a hyped culture of future success, in order to charge inordinate amounts of money. You the parents are being manipulated and you then propagate this even further by burdening your own children to absurd performance levels and unreasonable practice loads…and overall expectations! In the process, the FUN is being extracted from the activity and soccer (or any other sport) becomes nothing more than a boring, unfulfilling routine!


FUTSOC Summer Soccer Program - World Cup Edition
May 31st, 2014

2013 Copa ESPN
Summer Soccer Program

Camp Details

Participants Boys and girls, ages 4 – 16
Location Tequesta Trace Park, in the City of Weston
Schedule 9:00 am - 4:30 pm (subject to a minimum of 20 participants for each session)
When Monday June 9th - Friday August 15th 2014 (Ten Weeks)


FUTSOC Registration

FUTSOC - Looking for Players of All Ages
May 30th, 2014

All players and parents be informed…

The tryouts for all area soccer clubs are ongoing at the time of this article (May 30th, 2014). We at FUTSOC have a very different approach to building our soccer teams for our club…every player is accepted despite skill level (Recreational, Division 2, Division 1 or Elite).

There are no unnecessary and redundant try-outs, where most teams are already defined based on the prior year’s squad and all they are seeking is a player to switch from another club into theirs for a promised better team or greater success! We do not play those games!

You join our program, and our only promise is that if your child brings the heart, the passion, the dedication, and the right attitude, and the parents commit to supporting this genuine interest for their son’s passion, then we at FUTSOC will provide all the necessary tools to properly develop your child’s abilities on the field of play in aiding their growth as soccer players…as well as nurture, polish and encourage all the other elements which make your children, much better young men off the field as well!

With well over 40 years dedicated to youth soccer development at all levels of play - ages 5 to over 40, in the U.S. and abroad, and possessing of all the necessary and applicable licensing requirements from the governing bodies, we have most enthusiastically re-discovered every year, that the true secret of success in soccer and beyond is no secret…Love of the game, honesty, dedication, respect and constancy!

At FUTSOC, it is for the players, by the players…Per als Jugadors, Pels Jugadors! fFF

Teams: Bambino Academy – ages 4 – 10, U11/12, U13/14, U15/16, U17/18, U19 and U23

Note: You are not legally bound to any club you have tried out for (and able to make changes without penalties), until mid-July…so keep us in mind! We accept players all year round!

2014 Sweetbay Memorial Day Cup
May 27st, 2014

2013 Copa ESPN
2014 Sweetbay Memorial Day Cup

Boys U12/13

To end our season, we traveled to Naples, Florida one Memorial Day weekend (May 24th through May 26th) to participate in the Sweetbay Memorial Day Cup. Our vastly improved U13 squad, headed by Coach Carlo, entered the competition without several key starting players, which allowed us the opportunity to invite guest players from the highly respected Florida Fire program in Naples. A courteous and generous response to our request was accepted by Coach Mick Lawrence of the Boys U12 program, who provided us with three very talented players who aided our performances tremendously – Carlos H., Lewis L. and Patrick H.

Despite losing 0::3 to Lehigh Lightning in our opening match, then a devastating 0::1 to Heat Strikers on a last second goal and lastly, a highly contested loss by 0::3 to a solid Naples United, our boys attained a new, higher level in their development, performing admirably and on equal footing to their opponents. The ground play passing and the transition play, was entirely superior to that of our older aged opponents and provided a new outlook for next year’s edition of our FUTSOC U13/14.

The squad: Carlos H., Jurguen R., Alejandro C., Ricardo B., Jordan F., Fabrizzio O., Ori P., Lewis L., Agustin G., Sebastian D., Marcos S., Sebastian P., Saul R., Horacio P., Patrick H., Jorge G., Joshua F., and Maurizzio O.

BOYS U16/17

The U16/17 boys had a very successful performance at the event, breezing through its first three matches without giving up a score and limiting opponents to 5 shots on goal during that span. Winning by the scores of 5::0 against VSI Select, 3::0 against Weston FC and 1::0 against Florida Fire juniors, the team was automatically qualified for the championship match the next day.

In the championship match, our team dominated action from the very first moment, missing narrowly on seven clear goal opportunities until finally striking with our first goal by midfielder Mike Wehrhahn near the 25 minute mark to take a 1::0 lead into half time. Coming out in the second half a very casual start by our squad, our opponent made a run down our left flank with a quick strike to even the score at 1::1. Failing to score on another handful of opportunities and solid play by their keeper, the game ended in a regulation tie, necessitating penalty kicks to define the match. Two early misses by our kickers allowed the opponent to jump ahead and ultimately win 3::4 in penalty kicks. With the highly disappointing 1::1 (3::4) loss, the season concludes with great aspirations for the coming year, when we embark on a state, regional and national tour of top tier, premier elite events. The final rankings for the year showed a great improvement and placed us among the best teams in the state.

The squad: Sergio Schenquerman, Alejandro Pages, Jean Ambroise, Ludwig Auguste, Carlos Pan, Daniel Atilano, Pedro Almendariz, Emmanuel Wilsene, Romelaire Ambroise, Mike Wehrhahn, Arturo Cabre, Landon Lupo, Diego Castillo, Stanley Theodore, Juan Pin, Alberto Abood, Ignacio Cidad and Matias De La Flor.


2014 Champions Cup
April 21st, 2014

2013 Copa ESPN
2014 Champions Cup

Our FUTSOC U17 team traveled to Orlando, on May 17th and 18th to participate in the 2014 Champions Cup against top level competition from around the state. Participating in a strong group featuring perennial power Strictly Soccer, nationally renowned RUSH Soccer – Florida Rush, FKK Kraze, Lakeland FC, Greater Osceola, Cooper City, Orlando FC – QPR and ACYS United made for very intense competition throughout the weekend.

Starting with a very important 1-1 draw against Strictly Soccer on a goal by Romelaire “Pele” Ambroise, the team moved into the second match of the day with a 5-1 thrashing of Florida Rush on a strong offensive performance, led by Stanley Theodore with two scores, one goal and three assists from Pele, Diego Clavijo one goal, and Landon Lupo with one goal as well. Needing a victory the following morning, in order to move into the final match, seven of our boys exhibited food poisoning from the meal the night before, weakening us at most of the key positions entering the final portion of the first half and eventually resulting in a close loss in the final seconds, by the score of 1::2.

While the result was ultimately unfavorable and disappointing in light of our clear superiority, the team learned much about itself as we begin to undergo a new transition with the addition of new squad members. The restructuring should continue to bolster the squad as it prepares for continued challenges at events in the coming months and the start of the 2014-15 season.


1st Annual Weston 3v3 Blast Soccer Tournament
April 21st, 2014

2013 Copa ESPN
U6 Bambinos

Last weekend our entire FUTSOC soccer club participated in the 1st Annual Weston 3 v 3 Blast Soccer Tournament, at Regional Park in Weston. Entering teams as young as U6’s, U8’s, U10’s from our young Bambino’s Academy, our U12/13’s, our U16/17’s and our Open entry, the event was a fun-filled day, which gave many of our younger players their first experience at inter-club competition and for the older players another step in their development process.

While at FUTSOC we do not encourage competitive play at such a young age (Bambino’s U6’s, U8’s, U10’s), being that the event was in our city and we wanted to support activities of the AYSO Region 644, we felt it opportune to give them a chance to enjoy themselves in playing against other teams and the parents the opportunity to watch their children have fun! The results were not of any relevance, especially since we do not encourage that type of pressure on such young children, and furthermore, because the event was open to all levels of experience, where results could potentially and did, end up being one-sided! The boys played beautifully, experienced varying results, and ultimately deriving the result which we were seeking…simple fun!

In the U12/13 category, our boys, who are still very inexperienced, were divided into three balanced teams (rather than one strong team and two weak ones), so that all participants could play and have the opportunity to experience the 3 v 3 play concept, which is very demanding and requiring of much experience. Once again, we were not seeking the results, but rather the experience!

In the older categories, where the objectives are more competitive in nature, the desired results were clearly achieved, as both our U16/17’s reached the quarter-finals of their age bracket and one went on to the final match, losing a thriller to Weston FC (Beasts of Broward) 8::12. All our players on these two teams had fine matches and were very successful against excellent competition.

Lastly, our FUTSOC Open division team, comprised of long-time FUTSOC championship team players, also reached the final, losing only to an All-Star team on a highly debated series of missed calls, by the score of 4::5. However, in the spirit of good sportsmanship, we walked off most content with our superior performance demonstrated and the class, which is emblematic of all our FUTSOC teams.

It is most important that we reiterate the focus that we gave this event, considering most of the young player’s well-being, their enjoyment, the spirit of good sportsmanship and the experience of partaking in a tournament setting in our own “backyard”! If we adhere to this very significant model - and I urge all parents to do so in consonance with our club philosophy, the event was a great success, and many important lessons were derived from the same. Losing and winning are the simple result of competition and each imparts an important lesson to all involved. However, participation is the most significant aspect of this event and the messages which should be stressed are, that having fun, demonstrating a sporting conduct, enjoying the participation of the children and representing your club, your team and your family, are the objectives of this event! In this regard, the 1st Annual Weston 3 v 3 Blast was just that…a blast!!


South Florida Cup - Tournament Review
April 3rd, 2014

2013 Copa ESPN
U17/18 Champions

Congratulations to our U16/17 boys team, which this weekend won the South Florida Cup, playing in an older age bracket against older competition. The final was played at Broward Regional Park on Sunday, where FUTSOC defeated West Kendall 4-3 in penalty kicks, after a scoreless 0::0 regulation match. After a tough group play record of 1-1-1, the team qualified ahead of nemesis Weston FC (with their older age group team) and into the Championship Final. This has now been the 5th championship final attained by our boys in the last year, who continue to rise in the ranks, asserting themselves as one of the premier teams in the State of Florida.

No less important, has been the inspired play of our younger squad, the FUTSOC U12/13 boys, who continue to develop at huge paces against some of the best competition in the state. The 0-1-2 performance at this event was a strong showing from our young squad, who once more demonstrated that they are progressing rapidly and effectively, playing some of the finest teams in the state in the last few tournaments (having played to date, the 3rd, 4th, 7th, 11th, 19th and 27th ranked teams in Florida)! A team that is comprised of players younger than the age bracket they compete in (half the team are U11 and U12 players competing in U13 level play, and are possessing of very limited competitive travel experience since most came on board after brief stints in the AYSO recreational program), it should be greatly admired for its unyielding competitive fire, totally unselfish play, recognized excellent sportsmanship and its truly dedicated efforts in practice in advancing in its development. This team will soon be a force to reckon with! Lets us be patient, encouraging, supportive of their effort and success, which is measured way beyond mere scores in a contest. Their growth has been greatly qualitative - mental, emotional, physical, technical and tactical...and by all accounts and measures, it has been nothing short of excellent! The players are truly having fun, learning and growing...that is mostly what we wish for!


Final Rankings - USA Rank / Soccer in College 2013-14
March 31st, 2014

While FUTSOC never places much attention to team rankings, we simply inform parents and players of such, so that we can add a broad quantitative assessment of our general play level, in relation to other teams. In the table below, you can accurately ascertain the progressively quantitative success our teams have demonstrated, as we follow the designated club player developmental progression we impart on all our players. The first column is our ranking in the state of Florida, the second is our position in our geographical region of the country (Region III) and the final column is our position among all teams around the U.S. (Note: Each age bracket has well over 4,000 teams on a national level.)

Group State Region National
U12/13 67 421 820
U16/17 43 212 426
U18/19 4 34 85
U23 1 2 3
*Rankings as of May 27, 2014

4th Annual FUTSOC Spring Mini Camp (Completed)
March 3rd, 2014

The FUTSOC Spring Camp is open to all levels of experience of participants: beginner, intermediate and competitive level soccer players. We offer morning training and drills to help teach every participant the fundamentals and advanced aspects of the game. After the technical part of the camp comes the fun! All day long soccer games (small sided scrimmages, soccer tennis, one touch, etc), tournaments, competitions (accuracy, strength of shot, etc). This is a fun-filled program, which is as exciting as ever!

Camp Details

Participants Boys and girls, ages 4 – 16
Location Tequesta Trace Park, in the City of Weston
Schedule 9:00 am - 4:30 pm (subject to a minimum of 20 participants for each session)
When Monday March 24th - Friday March 28th 2013 (One Week)

Additional Details

  • Closely supervised - low counselor / participant ratio
  • Fully insured - liability and accidental policy
  • Subway Lunch program. For $6 receive a 6 inch sub, fresh fruit, and a bottle of water (click here for further details)

FUTSOC Registration

2013 - 2014 Tournament Results
March 1st, 2014

The 2013 - 2014 has been a great success for the club, as all our teams continue to develop ahead of schedule. The results have been outstanding in all our friendly matches, scrimmages, and tournament play. Following is a summary of all competitions for the season for all our programs:

Tournaments U12-13 U16-17 U18-19 U23
USASA U23 State Cup - - - Champion
USASA U23 Region Cup - - - Finalist
Sweetbay Memorial Day Cup - Finalists Champion -
Copa ESPN Semi-Finalists - - -
C.S. SAY Soccer Invitational Semi-Finalists - - -
West Pines Classic - Finalists - -
Plantation Thanksgiving Classic DNP Semi-Finalists - -
Weston Cup & Showcase DNP Finalists - -
Palm Beach SL Classic - Semi-Finalists - -
South Florida Cup - Champion - -
Weston 3v3 Blast - Finalists Finalists -
NSU 5v5 DNP - - -
Inka Cola Cup - - Semi-Finalists -
Nike Champions Cup - Semi-Finalists TBA -
Sweetbay Memorial Day Cup 7/12 Finalists TBA -
2014 Florida Cup - - - Champion



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